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Rockin' Leesburg

Silver Lining had a wonderful time at Black Walnut Brewery, Friday, Oct 1.  Everyone was so nice and we really hope we'll be back in there.  It's outdoors, though, so it's going to have to wait until spring.  Look for…

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Silver Lining on the move!

November 1, 2015 - 

Silver Lining is really starting to pick up steam.  After the Takoma Park concerts, we were mentioned on Channel 9's news broadcast as a good example of the kinds of cool things happening in Takoma ParkRead more

Silver Lining live in Takoma Park

August 8, 2015 -

Silver Lining at the Old Town Gazebo in Takoma Park.  It was hot, 92 degrees but nobody felt it at all.  In the shade of towering trees and under the cover of the old 1920's gazebo …Read more

The Deacons at Paradiso, 4/18

Full House!  All gigs are good.  Some maybe better than others, some not so much.  But there's fun and learning in every gig.  Last night there was a huge amount of both.  Having the room filled with wonderful friends and …Read more

The Deacons at Colonial Tavern

After a highly successful debut at the Tavern in November, The Deacons are all set to go again Saturday, Dec 20th for the Christmas show.  9:00, at "The Home Of The Irish Brigade" in old town Fredericksburg.  

Dogfish Head Alehouse

  4/9/13: Dogfish Head Alehouse on Saturday was a wonderful night! We had a little more room and time to set up compared to the last time we were in there. And a lot of wonderful friends came out to see …Read more

"Now we know..."


1/12/13: Saturday night. Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax. Silver Lining’s debut gig. This is the one we’ve been getting ready for, rehearsing for. If we get through this one, if we get this behind us, well then …Read more

User friendly monitor mixes

  5/22/12: Full Mesh at Lion and Bull, Haymarket. Funasallgetout! I got there too early - that’s ok. That gave me a bunch of time to mess around and set up. This gig, there’s a house sound system and …Read more

Kept in the dark...

5/15/12: Mushroom Musician. That’s what I am. I don’t even care anymore! Sunday I had a gig with Wildman at a new, great place for us, The Water’s Edge in Occoquan, Va. Right on the Occoquan river at a …Read more

Standing Room Only

4/22/2012: I was just thinking about last night, Wildman played at Cafe Mezzanotte again. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve played there now but the thing is, the number of people in the room for our shows …Read more

Good Room, Good Band

  4/17/12: Band update. Wildman rocked the 6 or 7 people at the American Legion Post Number 10 in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday night! Just kidding - there was 20 or 30 people there and all of them …Read more

Wadda ya do when there's nothing to do?

  Here’s what I always get worried about but I really never need to worry - I won’t have anything to work on when the bands take a hiatus. Both Wildman and Full Mesh deliberately took the months of …Read more

Same Date Party 11/11/11

Friday night, over at Charles Mitchell’s house he had his annual - what I call the “Same Date Party”. This year it was 11/11/11. Really just another excuse to hook up with just about every musician that we …Read more

Rockin' 11/11/2011

 Charles Mitchell, the drummer for Wildman has a party at his house whenever the dates all line up. This next one is 11/11/11. He had one for 10/10/10. and 9/9/09 and so on. Everyone is invited, I’m told I can…Read more

Cafe Mezza-NO-tte


  Oh oh! Well it happens, you know? Every 2 or 3 years, you’ll drive all the way out to a gig and PRESTO! There’s a-whole-nother band all ready there setting up. This time, thankfully I didn’t even …Read more

The Fabulous Truckeroo Festival

What a great gig! Yes, the festival had a huge attendance, it is a very popular event. And the “roach coaches” turned out to be all gourmet food. We had the Cajun gumbo – awesome!  Straight from Louisiana. Bill the…Read more

When is a band not a band?

When it's a caravan! Friday, 9/30 is the Truckeroo Festival gig for Full Mesh. There will be four vehicles leaving Eamon's house at 4:30 or so, to snake around in DC - lost - one right after the other for…Read more

Wildman Gig at Cafe Mezzanotte

 Wildman is made up of great players.  Charles, Geoff and Jay are some of the most skilled of all the players I work with.  But we live far apart from eack other.  I'm in Burke, Charles is in Rose Hill…Read more


 Spoke with Jay Nedri yesterday, we have two dates now for Full Mesh.  10/28 and 11/26.  And hopefully we'll be addind more in 2012.  Mainly because Jay really thinks Robb is a great singer.  And he's right of course.  I'm…Read more

Let's get started

OK, I'm always thinking this stuff up and trying to explain it to myself, so maybe if I just start writing it down eventually it'll start making sense.
Even if only to me
I'm hoping to write something…Read more