Standing Room Only

4/22/2012: I was just thinking about last night, Wildman played at Cafe Mezzanotte again. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve played there now but the thing is, the number of people in the room for our shows are getting greater and greater. We were told last night that the room had to turn away a number of parties due to the lounge being filled to capacity. I’ve gotta commend the management there - most rooms just let ‘em all in, and 
hope the fire marshal doesn’t write them up for over capacity. Well if it is true that they were filled, that means the business formula is working! They pay us minimum wage, and all the profit from the booze and food checks go straight in their pockets! That’s ok, It’s up to us to fill our calendar with gigs that pay better, then we can attrition out the lower paying rooms. When you see Cafe Mezzanotte fall off our calendar, you can figure that’s what happened. We still love to play the room. We love the people - the management are great guys. A lot of the band’s pay is a result of the size of the room they have to work with. They can only get so many people in there!
  Wildman is doing a huge amount of bantering back and forth about getting additional rooms and doing a big push for booking. I go out of town for a couple weeks to visit family, but as soon as I get back Wildman will be pushing very hard to pick up three or four additional rooms by mid summer.