New Toys! Knobs to turn, buttons to push!


1/28/12: It’s a little after the fact I know, but I was just thinking about my last gig with Full Mesh, Jan 21 at the Carpool in Herndon. The cool thing about this gig was it was the first gig with Brad’s new sound board, the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2. The 16.4.2 is a digital mixing board that can be used as a live sound reinforcement mixing console or a studio work station  for a DAW
(digital audio workstation). This thing is pretty awesome in how easy it is to customize monitor mixes and save room EQ’s for future use. Brad and Eamon set the whole thing up, tweaked out the room, and saved all the settings for the next time we do Carpool. And after the first couple of songs, when we got it tweaked out, I don’t know too much about how it sounded out front but from where I was standing on stage right, that was one of the best mixes I’ve had playing in a long time.  Many, many thanks to E and B's friend Jay for his expertise in mixing us out as we played.  Coulda used more of my vocals in the mix - but then again I coulda moved the monitor closer to me too and I didn’t. Next time that will happen. Remember monitor placement! And I think there was more room to pump up my vox in the monitor mix also but I didn’t ask. Guess I’m so used to screaming my vocals all the time that I just thought it was normal, I donno. Next gig, February 11 with Wildman at Occoquan Inn in Occoquan, Va.