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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Nov 6, 2017

Added to the arsenal is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with 8 mic pres and a total of 18 inputs and 20 outputs.  This now gives me the mobility to take the mulitrack recording to the band.  I'm very much looking forward to recording Cargo and the Heavy Lifters at rehearsals along with Silver Lining and Wildman.    


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Silver Lining on the move!

November 1, 2015 - 

Silver Lining is really starting to pick up steam.  After the Takoma Park concerts, we were mentioned on Channel 9's news broadcast as a good example of the kinds of cool things happening in Takoma Park all the time.  We are very grateful for that mention - although none of us actually saw the broadcast, it was described to us by people who did see it.  
  Bass player Bill Seeger did a great job of working a booking at Velocity 5Read more
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Silver Lining live in Takoma Park

August 8, 2015 -

Silver Lining at the Old Town Gazebo in Takoma Park.  It was hot, 92 degrees but nobody felt it at all.  In the shade of towering trees and under the cover of the old 1920's gazebo facing Carroll Ave, the band ran through a lot of it's repertoire.  What a wonderful afternoon!  The band really sounded great.  Volumes were in the right place, the mix on the bandstand was perfect.  Bill son Chris was out in the audience and had a lot of very positive …Read more
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The Deacons at Paradiso, 4/18

Full House!  All gigs are good.  Some maybe better than others, some not so much.  But there's fun and learning in every gig.  Last night there was a huge amount of both.  Having the room filled with wonderful friends and music lovers, makes playing exciting and worth all the effort you have to put in to be proud of what you are doing.  And that is nothing but fun, man.  Our friend Randy McCargo sat in for two songs, one of which was a Chris Polk staple "Feels Like Rain" (John Haitt /Read more
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Silver Lining releases a 6 song demo

Silver Lining's 6 song demo

  Silver Lining has released a new 6 song demo CD, available for free at live shows or mailed upon request.  Songs include: Born Under A Bad Sign, Congo Square, Just A Little Bit, Stone Free, Feeling Alright and Chevrolet.  Drums were recorded at Mike Terpak's studio in Great Falls, Va.  Guitars, Bass and Vocals were recorded at John Sterling's home studio and Eamon Loftus' studio in Fairfax, Va.  Final mix and rough mastering were done by …Read more

The Deacons at Colonial Tavern

After a highly successful debut at the Tavern in November, The Deacons are all set to go again Saturday, Dec 20th for the Christmas show.  9:00, at "The Home Of The Irish Brigade" in old town Fredericksburg.  
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The Shure SM-27 for sure, for sure!

Just picked up a great new microphone from Musician's Friend.  It's the Shure SM-27, a great condenser microphone I plan on using for vocals on all my home studio work.  The frequency response is amazing - so much better than the mic I have been using - a no name condenser mic made in China on loan to me from Charles Mitchell.  The 27 was recommended to me by my friend and audio engineer Eamon Loftus who said he has two of them.  It's great, I'm glad I bought it but the problem is, now …Read more

Silver Lining Demo getting closer!

11/9/13: Silver Lining is making great progress with it’s 6 song demo CD: drum tracks are recorded, bass is finished in all but two of the songs.  One more night of tracking and the bass is done and we’re all ready to lay down the guitar and vocal tracks.  Even now, when I line up the new Morgan Norris drum tracks and the Bill Seeger bass tracks lined up with the instrument scratch tracks I did earlier,

the songs with the preliminary scratch tracks sound almost good enough to…

Read more

Full Mesh at Wounded Warriors Benefit Festival, The Plains, Va

 6/9/13: Full Mesh had a great time yesterday at an outdoor festival in The Plains, Va to benefit the Wounded Warriors. This was the second annual festival out there and it was a wonderfully run beautifully managed festival. We played third, after two very fine music acts on the stage. I had to bring my Marshall, which was a little large for this purpose but that’s ok - it sounded awesome! And I needed the wattage it turns out, to get “on top” when I needed to. We only did a 45 minute set and hey - I…Read more
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Dogfish Head Alehouse

  4/9/13: Dogfish Head Alehouse on Saturday was a wonderful night! We had a little more room and time to set up compared to the last time we were in there. And a lot of wonderful friends came out to see us. We had a great time. The Marshall was cranking, Morgan was in top form. A guy from the audience came up and was raving about how good he thought Morgan was. Real nice to hear someone say that. I did feel a need for some different material in places. I have a good idea of what I want to …Read more