Same Date Party 11/11/11


Friday night, over at Charles Mitchell’s house he had his annual - what I call the “Same Date Party”. This year it was 11/11/11. Really just another excuse to hook up with just about every musician that we can possibly coax into coming and jamming our butts off. 
We had the whole WildMan band there, also Charles’ second group was there in full doing some very outstanding Grateful Dead jams and we all we totally in the zone. Bo brought his hand made electric/acoustic jazz guitar that went perfectly with a bunch of the jams we were doing. I was very happy to meet Allen, superb guitar player that really made “Hot Tamale Baby” kick! Charles whipped up a batch of his world famous red beans and rice and what a great time! We have one more year for this, but I insist - Charles if you are out there reading this - we come up with some reason why we need to do this much more often. Every year there are more people showing up. Every year the music is better. Every year the food is better. And as I have said many times before, this is what playing music is really all about. Connecting with each other, shared experience, shared emotions, shared memories. See you ALL next year on 12/12/12. Rock and Roll!