Wadda ya do when there's nothing to do?

Here’s what I always get worried about but I really never need to worry - I won’t have anything to work on when the bands take a hiatus. Both Wildman and Full Mesh deliberately took the months of November and December off, and that actually is perfect for me too.
I have a million songs to learn for the Silver Lining Blues Band, six or ten new songs and compositions to write, mega guitar techniques to practice until my fingers drop off. Just for the new band alone, I have rehearsals to arrange, equipment to configure, phones calls to make - all kinds of footwork to do. I will be so glad to do that first gig after New Years - Jan 7 at Cafe Mezzanotte with Wildman - I mean it will feel so good to play, but I really needed this time to put to good use. I’m sure by the time the off-season is over, I’ll still have thousands of things I’ll still need to do, but oh well, the show must go on!