The Deacons at Paradiso, 4/18

Full House!  All gigs are good.  Some maybe better than others, some not so much.  But there's fun and learning in every gig.  Last night there was a huge amount of both.  Having the room filled with wonderful friends and music lovers, makes playing exciting and worth all the effort you have to put in to be proud of what you are doing.  And that is nothing but fun, man.  Our friend Randy McCargo sat in for two songs, one of which was a Chris Polk staple "Feels Like Rain" (John Haitt / Buddy Guy) I've heard Randy sing before, but this song means something to him, and of course means something to me too.  Both of us play that song like we're playing it for Chris.  Randy tore it up.  That song turned magic.  I'm so glad Charles captured it on recording and I can't wait to hear it.  A wonderful and delightful singer friend of Charles', Ann Todaro, came up and did two songs, one of which was "You Can Have My Husband But Please Don't Mess With My Man' which is a total favorite of mine. Ann tore it up and the crowd loved her.  I'm sure we be seeing a lot more of her and her band coming up at the Zoo Bar, JV's, 219.  
I took the chance and brought my Blues Deville amplifier on this gig.  I'm getting the feeling the problem I'm getting with the squealing comes from the reverb tub that I replaced a while back.  The tub is fine but there's something going wrong with the circuitry in the amp and I can't isolate it.  At home I disconnected the reverb and used and outside reverb pedal, TC Electronic's "Hall of Fame".  The verb sounded great and guess what?  No intermittent squealing any time during the gig!  Maybe I'm on to something?