Silver Lining on the move!

November 1, 2015 - 

Silver Lining is really starting to pick up steam.  After the Takoma Park concerts, we were mentioned on Channel 9's news broadcast as a good example of the kinds of cool things happening in Takoma Park all the time.  We are very grateful for that mention - although none of us actually saw the broadcast, it was described to us by people who did see it.  
  Bass player Bill Seeger did a great job of working a booking at Velocity 5 Sterling, Friday, November 13th and we are extremely excited about this gig.  We of course are hoping it materializes into several more shows there coming up in 2016.  We've been steady adding new material, great songs and all with our own, original arraignments that breathe new life into wonderful music from the past.   
  Also, O'Shaughnessy's in Alexandria has asked up to play Saturday, November 28 - the week end of Thanksgiving and we're very excited about that.  This is a wonderful, comfortable bar off King Street in Old Town that is starting to become the flagship live music venue in Alexandria.  Silver Lining is very proud to be a part of that growth.  
  So, mark your calendars, and plan to have a lot of fun.  Silver Lining is a very special band, a very special combination of musicians, talent and experience.  The band is far different than what most are used to seeing in the D.C. Metro market.