Let's get started

OK, I'm always thinking this stuff up and trying to explain it to myself, so maybe if I just start writing it down eventually it'll start making sense.
Even if only to me
I'm hoping to write something about every gig. There's ALWAYS something that happens really cool at every gig that you gotta be there for. If you can't make the gig, we miss you man, but you can come here to see if I'm running my mouth about it the next day. I am totally convinced that I learn something new, or at least confirm something I thought I had learned at every single gig. One time it was don't stand on the wet ground in the hot summer sweating when the p.a. and your amp are on two different circuits and touch your mouth to the microphone! I still don't have any feeling in my A chord finger... OK, I won't do that again, and my other little secret - never put a drink on an amplifier. That's just gauche...