The Fabulous Truckeroo Festival

What a great gig! Yes, the festival had a huge attendance, it is a very popular event. And the “roach coaches” turned out to be all gourmet food. We had the Cajun gumbo – awesome!  Straight from Louisiana. Bill the sound man was a real cool dude, totally knew what he was doing. We played for over two hours and I was having so much fun that I didn’t even feel it. I think we got a little loud though, at least up on stage it was. We’ll have to watch that. I played the Les Paul all night, never switched to the Strat and Eamon borrowed my 2/12 cabinet – which is good because he can give me very educated feedback on the tone of the cabinet. He said it sounded awesome on rhythms and comping, a little hard to break the speakers up on leads, though. That’s those Pevey speakers somebody put in there before I bought it from Guitar Center. I think the next Full Mesh gig, which is Sully’s on Oct 28th I’m going to run the Marshall or probably both the Marshall and the Fender Hot Rod Deville.  The Fabulous Truckeroo Festival