Rockin' 11/11/2011

 Charles Mitchell, the drummer for Wildman has a party at his house whenever the dates all line up. This next one is 11/11/11. He had one for 10/10/10. and 9/9/09 and so on. Everyone is invited, I’m told I can bring as want as I want with me over there. Of course, there’s always a jam with who ever is over there and can play anything at all, they are invited to join in. Last year, ex Deacons guitar player Bruce Middle came ex Deacon bass player Bo both sat in with me and Geoff Holdridge and it was awesome. Bruce is mile ahead of me in proficiency, and his solo in Appalachian Rap, an original instrumental written by Geoff, absolutely blew me away. Wildman plays that song but when I hear Bruce’s version I must applaud. If there is ever an occasion that Bruce could join Wildman for a gig, or I could join Bruce for any reason on stage, that would be magic and something that just couldn’t be missed. Hopefully Bruce and Bo and all our good friends can make it over to Charles’ that night, 11/11/11 this year. Looking forward to it!