"Now we know..."


1/12/13: Saturday night. Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax. Silver Lining’s debut gig. This is the one we’ve been getting ready for, rehearsing for. If we get through this one, if we get this behind us, well then we’ll know. We’ll know if we can hear each other on stage. We’ll know if we can handle someone making a mistake. We’ll know if the crowd is going to even care about what we’re trying to do. The place was packed.  And for some reason,
 I was not the least bit worried. Or even nervous! We – Morgan Norris, Bill Seeger and I were so hyped up to play we couldn’t wait. Yes, we had to squeeze through a crowd of partiers to get our gear up there, yes we had to string cables all over the place in a big hurry, and yes we started playing the second we were done setting up but it was all good – we played great I think, and the crowd was really loving it! We had a blast! It’s all about fun, and that’s what we had. The band was rockin’, the room was rockin’ and we played and extra half an hour. We are so ready for the next one! It’s done now – the first one – and as Bill says “Now we know”