Cafe Mezza-NO-tte


Oh oh! Well it happens, you know? Every 2 or 3 years, you’ll drive all the way out to a gig and PRESTO! There’s a-whole-nother band all ready there setting up. This time, thankfully I didn’t even make it all the way out to Cafe Mezzanotte for last night's Wildman gig. I got a call from Charles while driving in time to turn around and go home. I guess in all about 120 miles round trip - forgetaboutit.

The thing about it is, in the old days I would’ve been mad. I would’ve said something. It would’ve been a bad thing in my book. But as you live through this business, and stuff like this happens to you, after awhile you learn that things like this is just what happens sometimes and it goes with the turf. Miss-communications over the telephone. More than one person on the club end handling the calendar. Booking agents... you name it, with so many people involved it’s a wonder gigs actually go right sometimes. The thing about it is, I was REALLY looking forward to playing! I had carbed up and had a lot of energy, Wildman had had a very good rehearsal Thursday night - all the stars were lining up for a real good Wildman gig.
I went home a played guitar for 2 hours.