Wildman Gig at Cafe Mezzanotte

 Wildman is made up of great players.  Charles, Geoff and Jay are some of the most skilled of all the players I work with.  But we live far apart from eack other.  I'm in Burke, Charles is in Rose Hill, Geoff is in Bowie, Md and Jay is way up in Clark County, Mt Airy, Md.  That makes it difficult to readily put rehearsals together.  It's usually fine, we've been doing most of the songlist for a long time now, but on the new stuff - the stuff we just put together one or two gigs ago, going into a gig with out a recent rehearsal can be dicey for those songs.  That proved true at tis last gig, I think, for a couple pieces we do.  "Man Of Constant Sorrow" could have been done much better.  "Willing" wasn't too bad but people were forgetting the arraingment we decided on and you sort of had to stay on your toes because you never knew who was going to come in when.  There were a couple more also.  I'm thinking two things:  If you're in a band that has limited opertunity to rehearse, don't complicate th arraingements.  And, if you don't have a oppertunity to hook up between gigs, maybe the new song ought to stay on the "reserve" list until you can hook up and go over them.