The Shure SM-27 for sure, for sure!

Just picked up a great new microphone from Musician's Friend.  It's the Shure SM-27, a great condenser microphone I plan on using for vocals on all my home studio work.  The frequency response is amazing - so much better than the mic I have been using - a no name condenser mic made in China on loan to me from Charles Mitchell.  The 27 was recommended to me by my friend and audio engineer Eamon Loftus who said he has two of them.  It's great, I'm glad I bought it but the problem is, now that I can hear every nuance of my voice I don't like my voice even more!  It's a good thing I also acquired some new high powered EQ plug-ins for my Reaper DAW and I already have a nice pitch corrector plug-in that I probably should'd tell people about!