Silver Lining Demo getting closer!

11/9/13: Silver Lining is making great progress with it’s 6 song demo CD: drum tracks are recorded, bass is finished in all but two of the songs.  One more night of tracking and the bass is done and we’re all ready to lay down the guitar and vocal tracks.  Even now, when I line up the new Morgan Norris drum tracks and the Bill Seeger bass tracks lined up with the instrument scratch tracks I did earlier,

the songs with the preliminary scratch tracks sound almost good enough to release now!  But those tracks were recorded by me, with some amplifier modeling software and some other computer plug-ins.  When I re-record these tracks with a great microphone up to my actual rig I know the guitar tracks will really pop.  Eamon Loftus, the production engineer that is overseeing the recording is truly a wizard at this.  I can’t say enough about how much his work has raised this recording to a level I could never have gotten it to.  And the total learning experience is priceless.    As I’m saying to everyone involved, this recording and producing is not going to end with this demo CD.  It’s just the beginning of numerous productions of not just Silver Lining but original projects with all my friends from the Deacons, Wildman, Full Mesh, and more.