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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Nov 6, 2017

Added to the arsenal is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with 8 mic pres and a total of 18 inputs and 20 outputs.  This now gives me the mobility to take the mulitrack recording to the band.…

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The Shure SM-27 for sure, for sure!

Just picked up a great new microphone from Musician's Friend.  It's the Shure SM-27, a great condenser microphone I plan on using for vocals on all my home studio work.  The frequency response is amazing - so much better …Read more

Wildman in Rock Mode

9/23/12: The day after the gig at Cafe Mezzanotte with Wildman. My usual workhorse amp for gigs, the Fender Blues Hot Rod DeVille, has not been acting right lately. I think I’m losing the preamp circuit... as …Read more

Jam-frickin'-Hub Baby!!

OK, it’s JamHub time! This is the coolest invention, I wish someone had come up with this a long time ago. Today I used it for the first time even though I’ve had it for months. With my drum …Read more


11/17/11: Last night - and this is awesome, with Eamon Loftus’ help we loaded two Celestion Vintage 30s into my Marshall 2x12 cab. We took out the Peaveys someone had loaded in there before I bought it at …Read more

Silent Rehearsal 2

 Wow!  The session with Bill went really good today.  The bass lines Bill is putting to the stuff is kickin'!  This is going to be some really awesome music when this all get together.  I can't wait!

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Silent Rehearsal

 Ok it came in the mail today, the JamHub.  I got the low end model, the "Bedroom".   It's the low end one I know but I can plug in up to 5 instruments 5 mics and 5 seperate headphone…Read more