John Sterling and Charles Mitchell moving forward with S&M Studios

12/17/17:  S&M Studios took another step of improvement with the addition of new acoustic treatment to the entire studio.  Both Studio A and Studio B have been overhauled as well as the control room and the difference in the acoustic response is staggering.  In addition to the acoustic treatment, the studio has added a new major microphone to it's mic selection - the RCA DX-77 ribbon microphone has been an industry standard for recording and broadcasting for over 6 decades.  It makes vocals smooth and sweet, and it is also wonderful on drums and acoustic instruments.  Also the control room has added a Presonus Faderport control surface which will speed up the recording process and make more time for creativity and performance. There are more changes planned for the studio in the coming months: adding another 8 tracks of simultaneous recording to bring the total number of tracks to 16, adding microphone signal boosters to enhance the quality of the signal to the I/O, adding an additional bass amp to Studio A, to name a few.