Silver Lining at Carpool once again!

Nov 8, 2019

 Silver Lining is back at The Carpool, Herndon, Va after a long absence and what a great time we had! The crowd was awesome and into the band which makes it a joy to do the…

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S&M Studios on the rise!

9/29/19: S&M Studios newly acquired equipment, on indefinite loan includes: 3 stereo compressors, 1 stereo mic pre, 7 studio condenser mics, 2 piezo mics and one dynamic mic.  The drums are coming alive, the ribbon mics are recording with outstanding …Read more

2019, a new year, a new direction

Feb 8, 2019

2019 is here and so are new and exciting things going on in live shows, recording, audio engineering, and all things music.  S&M Studios, (Sterling & Mitchell) is alive and rolling with all new projects for…

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Silver Lining releases a new demo - Demo This! 

Nov 3, 2018: Silver Lining releases Demo This! A five song demo with John Sterling on guitar and vocals, Bill Seeger on bass and backing vocals and Brad Ryan on drums and backing vocals.  Songs include: Let It Roll ( …Read more

Silver Lining - Moving to the Next Generation

11/6/17:  Silver Lining is moving forward at a very fast pace, with the new drummer, Brad Ryan fully integrated the song list is rapidly turning over.  Added to the song list are cuts from Los Lobos, Radio Riddler's wonderful Ska…

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Cargo and the Heavy Lifters video shoot

10/10/2017: The Heavy Lifters completed the video recording for "Trickle Down Blues" and "Habit of You" on Saturday, Oct 7 on the Jammin' Java stage.  The video is now in editing and final production.  Release is tentative to be in…

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Cargo and the Heavy Lifters on the move in 2017

Jan 13, 2017: Cargo and the Heavy Lifters are starting the year with several shows locked up, including two new rooms.  They opened the year at Bungalow Billiards in Chantilly and are due to go back for three more show …Read more

Silver Lining back at the Pub in Ashburn

Silver Lining back again at The Broadlands Sports Bar and Grill in Ashburn.  Once again with Brad Ryan on drums.  Another great night of fun and music, great food,  great drinks and wonderful people.

Silver Lining to play to benefit Autism

Silver Lining will take the stage once again at Spanky's in Leesburg to benefit the Aurora School and the special needs kids that attend the school.  The band is proud to have Full Mesh drummer Brad Ryan on this date …Read more