"Now we know..."


1/12/13: Saturday night. Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax. Silver Lining’s debut gig. This is the one we’ve been getting ready for, rehearsing for. If we get through this one, if we get this behind us, well then …Read more

Wildman in Rock Mode

9/23/12: The day after the gig at Cafe Mezzanotte with Wildman. My usual workhorse amp for gigs, the Fender Blues Hot Rod DeVille, has not been acting right lately. I think I’m losing the preamp circuit... as …Read more

User friendly monitor mixes

  5/22/12: Full Mesh at Lion and Bull, Haymarket. Funasallgetout! I got there too early - that’s ok. That gave me a bunch of time to mess around and set up. This gig, there’s a house sound system and …Read more

Kept in the dark...

5/15/12: Mushroom Musician. That’s what I am. I don’t even care anymore! Sunday I had a gig with Wildman at a new, great place for us, The Water’s Edge in Occoquan, Va. Right on the Occoquan river at a …Read more

Standing Room Only

4/22/2012: I was just thinking about last night, Wildman played at Cafe Mezzanotte again. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve played there now but the thing is, the number of people in the room for our shows …Read more

Good Room, Good Band

  4/17/12: Band update. Wildman rocked the 6 or 7 people at the American Legion Post Number 10 in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday night! Just kidding - there was 20 or 30 people there and all of them …Read more

Guitar Jonesin’!

  3/21/12: Just got back from a beautiful ski trip to Lake Tahoe, while I was there 2 to 4 feet of snow dumped on the mountain. Did I say snow? I meant to say “champagne powder”. Did I …Read more

Jam-frickin'-Hub Baby!!

OK, it’s JamHub time! This is the coolest invention, I wish someone had come up with this a long time ago. Today I used it for the first time even though I’ve had it for months. With my drum …Read more

Wadda ya do when there's nothing to do?

  Here’s what I always get worried about but I really never need to worry - I won’t have anything to work on when the bands take a hiatus. Both Wildman and Full Mesh deliberately took the months of …Read more